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A. Marketing (Focus on Middle Eastern countries)

Marketing analysis​

Marketing analysis

Analyze the capacity of markets to sell your goods and services in Middle Eastern countries

Marketing analysis​

Strategy Developing

Design a marketing and sales strategy for your product and service with a focus on digital marketing

Marketing analysis​

Marketing Tools

Design and implement tools needed for digital marketing such as websites, social networking tools as well as content production

B. Database (Focus on SQL Server)

SQL Programming

Programming in sql language in a specialized way on sql server database

Database Tuning

Optimizing the structure of the database and its tables as well as optimizing the queries

Database Management

Database management, database maintenance and distributed configurations

C. Trading Systems (Cryptocurrency & Forex)

trading Information monitoring

Information monitoring

Analyze Financial Markets Big Data, numerical modeling and provide output based on your goals

optimize trading strategy

Strategy Optimizing

Optimizing the numerical models of financial markets strategies

MQL Programming

Expert Advisor and indicators programming for MetaTrader based on your strategy


I am Sina Khaledi. I was born in Tabriz in 1985. My field of study was civil engineering, but because I was very interested in interdisciplinary activities, I started learning computer programming in 2003, and practically my professional activities developed around this field.
Because of my failed experiences, I realized that there are several more fundamental areas of technical activity to succeed in the markets; These failures made me start learning topics such as designing business models, marketing, negotiation, developing sales strategies, and so on. Due to my great interest in numerical modeling, this led me to other financial markets and analysis and investment in these markets along with my other activities.

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